Hey, I’m Arlinda Wiebe, My career started many years ago while I was living in Italy, as the sales agent and operations co-manager for a family-owned food catering and events service business. My studies brought me to Connecticut in 2002. I worked for Lancôme at Filenes while studying for my associate’s degree. I moved to South Florida in 2005 and attained my bachelor’s degree in Business & Marketing from Florida Atlantic University in 2008. After starting a family and with children now attending public school, I have resumed my career. In 2016, I began working for Cruciani (a family-owned Italian clothing company) in Palm Beach. I am now working for Eres (a franchised brand of Chanel) as the Assistant Manager in their Palm Beach location.

My recent work experiences at Cruciani and Eres (both small boutique stores associated with global networks) have propelled me to new heights as a working professional in the spheres of Sales, Brand Management, Supply Chain, and Customer Satisfaction. I have gained tremendous experience and skills in selling and catering to affluent clientele. I have learned valuable lessons about the value of marketing, including savvy telemarketing techniques, maintaining customer registries, and aligning inventory with customer demand. I have dealt with, analyzed, and solved problems with shipping logistics, financial transactions, inventory management, and transfer of sales within the sub-network of the franchisee’s stores. My greatest achievement is having learned how to be fully independent and self-sufficient in the daily operation of a retail store on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach while also maximizing sales. It has been a great experience for me. I believe that success comes when a person is passionate about his/her own business, strives for continual improvement, and is willing and open to new ways of working and opportunities even when it requires additional effort and sacrifice. I also understand that teamwork and always maintaining respect, composure, and ethics are vitally important to long term success.

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